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Sailing Life Advice – 1-on-1 session with us


Whether you have already chosen your new home at sea and need to verify your choice and select all the options, need assistance with issues on your current boat, or simply need Ania to relay to the queen of the family her experience from a family/feminine standpoint to facilitate the family land-to-sea transition decision, we’re here for you along with our resources, knowledge, and experience. We’ll most happily share all that with you, so that you won’t make expensive errors.  We’ll make sure you end up with a life aboard that’ll surprise you only on positive notes.

You’ll receive 1-hour of our undivided attention, full consideration of your particular dynamics, and our recommendations as to what your next steps should be. You’ll also receive the recording of our session for your personal use.

See you soon on your way to free life on a boat.

Ania  & Bartek



You came to us because you are considering some or all of the following:

  • Radically changing your life
  • Living on a yacht
  • You want to make sure boat life is for you
  • Convincing your partner to the idea
  • Looking for support from people who have already done it
  • Preparing well so the transition is as smooth as possible and the end result meets or exceeds your expectations

What do you stand to you gain by talking to us:

  • Avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes throughout the process
  • Common and not so common myths debunked
  • Maximum awareness of the process and the end state without actually pulling the trigger
  • Learning what to expect and how to deal with obstacles that will likely stand in your way both technically and psychologically
  • Learning which ones are only SEEMINGLY insurmountable
    Ability to select the right type of yacht depending on your budget and type of mission (family/crew, area of navigation, type ofcruisingg, etc.)
  • Verification of all your assumption about the lifestyle and the yacht you are thinking about
  • Independent expert support in every step of the way to more freedom including finding the courage and motivation for everyone involved

Regardless of whether you have already chosen your new home at sea and want to verify your choice and choose all options, or you need help with problems on your current boat, or maybe you just need Ania to tell the queen of your family about her prospect of living on the water to facilitate the decision to move from land to water, we are at your disposal with our contacts, knowledge and experience. We are happy to share all of this with you so that you avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes we and or others made in this very process. We will try to make life on board your new floating house surprise you only with happy moments.

You will get an hour of our undivided attention. We will guide you through the decision-making process taking full account of all aspects of your personal situation. We will recommend the next steps that will bring you closer to freedom on the water and lead you along the way. You will also receive a recording of our session for personal use.

See you soon online and then on the water :).

Ania and Bartek


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