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Calendar SailOceans 2021 – the Bahamas and the Caribbean from above


The 2021 calendar shows the most beautiful places in the Caribbean and Bahamas that we visited during our trip. Often these were places that can only be reached by boat. In the new 2021, we wish you health, peace, joy, love, and gratitude for it all.

In 2015, we made our dreams come true and we traded our land house for living aboard an ocean home – the sailing trimaran “Poly”. For us, sailing is a way to live in harmony with nature and with each other. It is a way to experience life, people and places on our own terms – an alternative lifestyle. On our channels, we share with you our journey, not only around the world, but above all, our journey through life. We wanted to inspire you to live consciously and avoid putting off your dreams until the undefined “later”.

Calendar details:
We offer only in electronic version PDF, because of shipment issues to various countries. We hope that finding a local photo lab and printing it on your own won’t be a problem. Most labs around the World  offer option to print calendars from a PDF format. This PDF is made for the European A3 (297x 420 mm) format, that is only slightly different from the US style Tabloid or Ledger format that is 11×17 inch. The PDF can be easily printed on either format.
January 2021 – January 2022

Enjoy all those amazing places of our planet Earth.

Ania & Bartek






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