Brands we love

Below we give a listing of all the products and services we use or used in the past that we found very useful in our cruising life. By listing them here we stand behind their quality as we experienced them in the tough salt air and water conditions that we live in and they held up to their promise. We are sharing these with you so that you can avoid or at least limit the expensive trial and error experimenting to come up with your best way to organize the boat with products that do work. Enjoy and happy, trouble-free sailing!

Globe for kids with electronic pointer – educational.

We bought this globe for our kids about 2 years ago, when they were 3 and nearly 5. It has been one of those few toys that never got old. The take the little space shuttle whenever they feel like and start playing touching different parts of the globe, learning names of countries, continents, capitals, different geographical facts. Then sometimes they open it and have the entire solar system on one cross section and the earth interior on the other again with lots of point to touch and learn names or play guessing games. All that is available in quite a few different languages. We all like to play with it sometimes and it does not seem to get old.

Floating,remote controlled, rechargeable LED candle lights.

2 years ago we were considering installing additional mood lighting on the boat. Then suddenly we found some rechargeable LED lights. Most of the decent ones we liked were around $70, bt they had the regular metal contacts to recharge in a cradle. We decided it is one of those things where going cheap is going to come back and hunt us. The ones we bought in the link to the left have induction charging. There are no metal parts outside so no problem with rust in the salty environment. They are sealed. Even though they are not advertised as waterproof we happened to throw them overboard more than once and it turned out they were fine, floating, and shining at the same time. The remote control lets you switch colors, ON/OFF, make a disco lights or simulate candle flicker. Needless to say they are a lot of fun for the kids as well.

GoPro camera adjustable clamp mount.

They are so versatile. These mounts became indispensable in our vlogging life. They are so easy to attach and adjust that it literally takes seconds to setup. They have a standard quick release that fits GoPro and DJI Osmo sport cameras.

Extra thick, non-skid yoga mat with beautiful print

That’s the one Ania has been using for a while if you remember some of the yoga videos on the roof. Happy yogging!