Discover our trimaran Poly

Discover our trimaran Poly

About trimaran:

  • Our yacht is a marvel of modern interior and exterior design.
  • Based on years of our charter experience we meticulously maintain and constantly improve the equipment
  • Poly sails faster than a vast majority of cruising boats allowing us to move quickly from one beautiful spot to another while remaining clear of rough weather. 
  • Our vessel offers unparalleled amount of living space. Its nautical architecture affords very kind motion at sea in comparison with a classic single hull boat or even larger catamarans (two hulls). This minimizes discomfort for most people normally susceptible to motion sickness.



Why us?

  • Worry free vacation guaranteed by our wealth of knowledge and experience gathered during two decades of ocean cruising.
  • Experienced help in arranging efficient travel to most charter spots.
  • We offer full package event - fully organized trip with skipper, food, proposed itinerary with recommended and verified stops and attractions.
  • The crew is perfectly capable of sailing this yacht single-handed, hence no experience on your part is necessary. If you choose to get involved we will be more than happy to give you instruction in all aspects of sailing.


Detail description and layout of the cabins:


PolyAmory ? The highest comfort and most spacious cabins It with queen size beds for 2 (ca. 160 cm across). These cabins come with an adjoining bathrooms, panoramic windows and air-conditioning (available in specific areas and periods otherwise equipped with electric fans.) The entries are from the salon.

PolyNesia ? A very comfortable, airy, well lit and ventilated cabin in the bow of the yacht. There is a Large bed suitable for 2 adults and one small child, 2 large hatches, electric fans, and the entry is from the salon.

CosmoPoly ? Contains 2 double bunks located in the outer hulls. They are ventilated by 3 hatches plus fans. The entries are thru external hatches via steep steps.




Length 50 ft
Beam 36,7 ft
Draft 3,6 ft